A Trip to LAC Farms – The First and Largest Organic Farm in the Country

I was one of the invited blogger together with Mom Bloggers that got a chance to visit the LAC Farm(Leoni Agri Corp), this is where the Lagundi (Ascof Lagundi of Pascual Lab,) is grown.


It took us more than 3hours travel to LAC farm located at Sta Rosa Nueva Ecija, – Currently, the L.A.C. Farm is the largest organic farm in the country today. Named after its owner Leonie – the matriarch of Pascual Laboratories.

Upon arrival we we’re greeted by the hosts and with a refreshing Iced Tea with lemongrass (tanglad) and a lot of sweet corn which is really great. Then the tour of the facility started shortly, then lunch was serve after the tour of the afterwards, the food they serve was all from the farm, fresh fish, chicken adobo, some vegetables and again the drinks was Iced Tea with lemongrass.


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The Journey to the LAC Farm

L.A.C Farm’s executives led by Sir Jun (Engr. Guillermo Saret) and Sir Alex  (Alexander Parducho) showed us how things are going for the farm.

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The LAC farm have its own story to share from how it was called a “Cursed” land to now a land of “Promise”. It was interesting, especially how they end up successful on their journey to transform this land to not a sustaining and productive farm.

The farm is not only producing Lagundi but a sustaining farm, they have almost everything you might find in a farm. From chicken, fish, vegetables, root products and the pigs which is really quiet, they said because they are satisfied with what they eat which is all natural they don’t even have to worry about cleaning them because they let them roam around the farm freely, they are also useful because they are responsible in cleaning-up the weeds. They also use worm to generate their own fertilizer from it. Their water source is also man made lake which was done through the power of Bayanihan.

While Sir Jericho, brand manager of Ascof, explain how the herbal-based medicine, Ascof, and how it differs from other cough meds in the market today.

About the LAC Farm: From Leaf to Cough Medicine

Maintaining organic integrity from harvest to processing, ASCOF is harvested and processed in the 42-hectare, environmentally friendly Leonie Agri Corp. (LAC) farm in Nueva Ecija. The LAC farm, certified as the first and largest organic farm in the country, is a lush, verdant landscape filled with organically grown malunggay, ampalaya, sambong, and lagundi plants, which parent company Pascual Laboratories harvests for its award-winning products.

4Lagundi leaves at LAC Farms 6Lush Lagundi crop

Pesticide-free Lagundi leaves are harvested, dried, and pre-processed through methods and systems that adhere to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO) regulations. Licensed pharmacists also ensure that strict quality control measures are followed–from washing and spin-drying to sterilization and packaging. The manufacturing of ASCOF is then completed in Pascual Laboratories’ cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Processes) and ISO-certified facility in Bulacan.

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A Trip to LAC Farms – The First and Largest Organic Farm in the Country