The Perfect Christmas Pitstop

Lil’s Brickyard Racing

Christmas is fast-approaching, and everyone will surely be flocking to the malls to get some Christmas shopping done. It’s a great excuse to go out with the family, but when the shopping gets too tedious, the kids may find themselves bored. In the most extreme cases, the children may even throw tantrums, making it more difficult for you to find the best deals.

Lil’s Brickyard Racing

Should you find yourself shopping at the Glorietta and experiencing said predicament, you’d be glad to know that there’s a perfect pitstop where you can take the kids (and/or your partner) to so you can continue your shopping spree.

Lil’s Brickyard Racing

Lil’s Brickyard Racing is a Pop-Up Mini-4WD track at the ground floor of Glorietta 5. It features 1:32 scale Tamiya Mini-4WD cars and a dynamic track to race them on.

The Mini-4WD craze began in the early 90s and is now making a comeback, thanks to Lil’s Brickyard. “Tamiya Mini-4WD has always been a fun and engaging hobby.


The only problem was that there were very few tracks available for racing,” said Ferdie Kahn, Owner of Lil’s Brickyard Racing and Partner at Lil’s Hobby Center.

“We opened the Brickyard so that hobbyists, and those looking to get into the hobby, will have an accessible venue where they can build and race their cars, as well as socialize with fellow enthusiasts,” he continued.

He also pointed out how it’s the perfect hobby for children to spend time and effort on. “It’s enjoyable and educational. Children get to experience the joy of building something on their own and to feel proud of what they’ve assembled,” Ferdie explained. “And once they get deeper into the hobby, it’s a great way to encourage them to learn about the science and physics involved in the races,” he said.

Parents can also join in the fun. “It’s a great way to bond with your kids,” Ferdie continued. “It’s also less time spent staring at a screen of a tablet or a phone, and more time doing something tactile and social. We’ve seen friendships start simply because a few hobbyists shared the same table while building or tuning their car — or they just happened to be next to each other while lining up for a run in the track,” he shared.

Lil’s Brickyard Racing will be open for the holidays until January 6, 2018. Ferdie said that they are planning to open in other locations after their run in Glorietta 5.

For more details and updates regarding the Brickyard, you may visit their Facebook page at

The Perfect Christmas Pitstop

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