TECHonomy 2017 Forum Ushers In A Tech-Advanced Philippine Economy

TECHonomy 2017 Forum

Technology shapes the way we operate. As advancements brought about by the progression of the digital age, businesses and economies need to become more adaptive to remain competitive.

With the demand for key insights, the country’s top tech brands aim to guide local industries in better understanding of today’s global technological trends as it hosts the first forum on the impact of technology in the economy this July 7, 2017 at the Maybank Performing Arts Theater in Bonifacio Global City.

A pioneer of its kind, the TECHonomy 2017 Forum gathers the country’s top businesses and educational institutions – as well as government agencies, as it fosters the exchange of ideas on topics such as Cloud, Business Optimization, Finance Tech, Tech Marketing, Cyber Security, and Business Analytics, among others.

Leading the initiative in shaping a more tech-advanced Philippine economy are tech brands, Acer Philippines and Microsoft Philippines. Developing its profile as a key player and contributing member to the advancing digital revolution, Acer upholds constant efforts in going beyond the realms of producing the market’s technological needs while investing in the future of the nation.

“The TECHonomy forum is just one of Acer Philippines’ many efforts to expand its business relationships this year as it stretches its horizons to building bridges and ties with corporate allies. We believe that digital progression has shifted from a luxury to a core necessity. Businesses have a higher risk of running dry without conforming to the transitioning models, and this is what we address through the forum,” said Manuel Wong, Managing Director, Acer Philippines.

Acer, likewise, acknowledges the upheavals and the cycle of trends in industries are inevitable, especially in the span of decades. Larger corporation may no longer be considered a threat, in this age, while smaller companies that are alert with technological advancements can be considered an equal competitor – stressing the need for business to adapt.

“Risk factors aside, investing in a digital scale, may it be businesses or digitally structured classrooms, have become an ideal stance for any organization. It has certainly been a beneficial upgrade, however, the true challenge is managing the agile pace of technology without interfering with the organization’s workflow,” Wong added.
While companies find upgrades internally, selective progression can only do so much; creating a nationwide movement that adapts from traditional to digitally established infrastructures and processing is timely.

In line with this, the TECHonomy forum pin-points key discussions to re-evaluate the successes and areas for improvement of each sector. Imparting key insights for the business sector are the industry’s top minds, namely, Mavrick Shih of BYOC Smart Products, Jomari Mercado of Microsoft PH, John Rubio of Mynt, Dan Meyer of Decision-Making, Analytics & Intelligence Philippines, and Dr. Donald Lim of Dentsu Aegis Network. While discussions on government and the academe are, Galvin Ngo of Woohoo Learning Lab, David Tapang of Microsoft PH, Carlo Ople of PLDT, and Sec. Rodolfo Salalima of DICT.

The move towards a more digital Philippines is a stepping and milestone for a more competitive future. Interest participants may register at for free.

TECHonomy 2017 Forum Ushers In A Tech-Advanced Philippine Economy

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