Sonix retails oh-so adorable printed power banks

Sonic Power Bank

Sonix, the leading global brand of tech accessories for style-conscious girls, has come up with yet another irresistible collection fashionistas all over the world will fall in love with. Its signature whimsical and ultra-feminine style found a new canvas in today’s most essential digital accessory – the power bank!

Sonix Powerbank

The new “Pick Me Up” line of portable chargers is equal amounts quirky, flirty, and feminine without sacrificing durability. It comes in unique and dainty prints inspired by flora and pop art elements, fit for every mood and personality.

The powerful yet lightweight power banks provide a dose of energy for smartphones, with 16 hours of additional battery life. Lightning cables are built in, eliminating any worry about losing them.

“Sonix is the embodiment of style and substance in tech accessories. It keeps pushing the boundaries of design and innovation, continually providing fresh choices for our discerning patrons. This new line of power banks is made for every girl who adores intricate motifs and patterns and likes to extend her personality to her digital must-haves,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

Complementing the printed power banks are Sonix cases, precisely crafted to fit a wide range of phone choices. With a transparent polycarbonate back and gold foil design, this slim and lightweight case is perfect for showing off the owner’s personality and the phone’s sleek design. The cases are triple coated with UV to prevent chipping of the design and foiling detail.

Each piece is ensured the 360° form factor for complete protection around all sides of the phone. Raised rubber edges protect the screen while an impact-resistant bumper shields against dings and scratches. Sonix cases are also ruggedized drop-tested by the National Analysis Center, an independent agency of wireless industry experts.

“Sonix tech accessories allow our customers to be expressive and unique without having to compromise on quality. We follow the fashion trends each season to be able to offer unique collections several times a year. In fact, our customers purchase multiple cases for each of their devices,” said Sonix Creative Director Jillian Wheeler.

Based out of Los Angeles, Sonix has come a long way from the humble snap case it created in 2010 to being one of the first brands to successfully pioneer numerous printing techniques, including metallic foiling and color tinting. The prints are handcrafted and designed in-house. Today, Sonix products are distributed to over 20 countries worldwide.

A scene stealer in fashion territory, Sonix products added flair to the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week along with the Holiday 2017 collection of designer Pat Santos. Entitled “Golden Rule,” the collection embodies an aesthetic evoking empowerment, confidence, and class through gold metallic finishes and iridescent fabrics that bring out the best in every modern woman. Santos’ master use of the art of fabric manipulation achieved for him a universally flattering collection of metallic skirts, pants, and jackets mixed with sophisticated florals and bold animal prints.

Such statement pieces match the vibe of the fashion-forward and statement-driven elite that inspired Sonix products. As the Golden Rule collection allows its clientele to beam with gold in all the right pieces for all the right reasons, so do Sonix products empower its patrons to make their technology personal and desirable.

Mix and match your favorite prints from the new Sonix collection and find the style that’s so you. Sonix products are available at select Power Mac Center stores.

Sonix retails oh-so adorable printed power banks

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