Big Stars Caleon Twins meet their fans in Manila

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The Philippines is a country dominated by performers, many of whom have been lauded on the international stage. The rest share their gifts on social media, particularly on, a social network where users, or musers as they are called, can create instant videos accompanied by different soundtracks and watch the most trending videos from all of the world.

To celebrate the Filipino’s gift for entertaining, Globe and are bringing to Manila the Caleon Twins, two of the biggest musers in the world! is one of social media’s most popular apps, with over 200 million users as of March 2017 and an average of 12 million videos posted each day. In the Philippines, there are 3.2 million users, or 10% of social media users in the country. It has become a social media platform for talented individuals to reach a larger audience.

The Caleon Twins are composed of Samantha and Madeleine Caleon, Filipina identical twins based in Canada. They are known for their entertaining videos covering hits from Drake, Meghan Trainor, Justin Bieber, and more, complete with choreography. Together, the twins have 1.83 million followers on, along with 114,000 subscribers on YouTube, 110,000 followers on Instagram, 17,000 on Twitter, and 16,000 on Facebook.

“We started very shy and timid in front of the camera,” the Caleon Twins revealed. “Social media helped us step out of our comfort zone and opened up many opportunities, allowing us to grow as individuals . Through this platform, we’ve made so many new friends from around the world .

“The girls have captured the attention of the world, proving once again that Filipinos are incredibly talented. We celebrate creativity, and continue to give our customers more avenues to express their passions and do things differently through our wide variety of content and offers. Through our partnership with, Globe customers can access the app easier, right on their device,” shares Issa Cabreira, SVP for Consumer Mobile Businesses.

For their visit to the Philippines, the Caleon Twins will go on a school and mall tour, do social media challenges, fan meets , artist collaborations, and hold tutorials on how to make videos.

Globe gives its Prepaid customers the best way to enjoy the app by registering to GoSURF50, and simply texting MU5 or MU15 to 8080 to enjoy 20 MB (valid for two days) or 100MB (valid for one day) worth of data allocation.

Big Stars Caleon Twins meet their fans in Manila

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