5 Reasons Why Parents Should Get the MILO Champ Squad Kit

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Parents are now on the hunt for the perfect gift for their little champions. While gadgets are definitely on top of the wish list, it is important that the gadgets parents get will not only entertain kids, but will also develop their physical and mental capabilities, and allow family bonding.

MILO Philippines, which is committed in developing new ways to encourage kids to live an active and healthy lifestyle, has launched a platform that will take advantage of technology to help kids get active the fun way and help moms and dads strengthen their relationship with their children. This platform is called the MILO Champ Squad.

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The MILO Champ Squad contains the MILO Champions Band and the MILO Champions PH mobile app. The platform will contain several features that will give kids a fun, immersive, and personalized way of tracking their health and wellness. Check out some of the reasons why parents should get the MILO Champ Squad for their kids:

⦁ It Encourages Kids to Be More Active
The MILO Champions Band can track the number of steps a child takes while wearing the device. Together with the MILO Champions PH app, the platform encourages kids to walk more and be more physically active so they can reach the recommended daily number of steps. This feature will give kids a challenging experience whenever they go out of the house.

⦁ Moms and Dads Can Track Their Child’s Daily Activities and Meal Intake
The MILO Champ Squad platform takes parenting to a whole new level. Parents can check how active their child has been throughout the day. It also has a meal planner where parents can input the food items their child has eaten.

⦁ #BeatEnergyGap with Balanced Energy
The MILO Champions PH app helps assess if the child has achieved energy balance by tracking how much energy a child consumes and uses throughout the day. This feature will not only guide the child consume the right amount of energy, but also help #BeatEnergyGap so he can be a champ!

⦁ It Lets a Child Personalize His Own Avatar
The MILO Champions PH app has a Child Portal, where kids can create their own personalized avatar from a variety of features to choose from. The avatar represents the child as he gets started in living healthier and more active. The portal also lets the child check the number of steps and calories burned for the day.

⦁ It Encourages More Bonding Time Between Parents and Kids
For the app to calculate the energy balance correctly, the band must be synchronized to the app to get the number of steps and the child should tell the parents the activities they’ve done and meals they’ve eaten throughout the day. This feature not only provides an opportunity for moms and dads to track their child’s health, but also an opportunity for them to bond with their child in a more intimate setting.

The MILO Champ Squad is coming to the Philippines! The MILO Champ Band will launch in Lazada this December, while the MILO Champions PH app can now be downloaded in the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users. Visit http://www.milo.com.ph/champsquad for more details.

5 Reasons Why Parents Should Get the MILO Champ Squad Kit

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