Goldilocks Sweet Attack App and Promo

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Got a sweet tooth for cake and mobile games? Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop who has not only established themselves as a premier food establishment, has just penetrated the gaming market with their new gaming app named “Sweet Attack”!

This app was created to celebrate Goldilocks’ 50th year anniversary by using revolutionary augmented reality software which makes use of your phone’s camera for an added gaming experience.

The mechanics are simple: you somply need to download and open the app, click yes during the sign up prompt, fill in the necessary information, and you’re good to go! Scan the Goldilocks 50th Anniversary logo featured on in-store posters, which will then become an actual cake on your phone. You then need to defend your cake against ants that want to take a piece from it.

How to Join

  • Download the Goldilocks Sweet Attack app on Google Play or App Store in order to play the Goldilocks Sweet Attack app.
  • To start the game, an invitation for participants to join the promo will pop-up.
  • Participants can choose to join the Sweet Attack promo by clicking the “Yes” box that will pop-up when participants open the app. Participants will have to fill-up the sign-up box on the game with the following details:

Username, Password, Complete name, Email address, Mobile no., Age, and Address

  • For participants participating in the promo, their scores are saved in the online leaderboard. If participant plays offline, his or her score will be updated in the leaderboard once he or she resends his or her score.
  • For participants who are not participating on the promo, they can click the “No” box and can play the game. Participants’ scores will not be registered in the online leaderboard.
  • To activate the game, participants need to align the app to capture the Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cake Logo. The game will then activate. Participants can also visit participating Goldilocks stores and look for the following collaterals that bear the Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cake Logo.
    • In-store and Digital Posters
    • Table Stickers
    • Wobblers
  • The objective of the game is to squish as many ants possible before they reach the Goldilocks cake. Each crushed ant equals to 1 point.
  • The game ends when all 3 lives have been used up.

How to Win

  • Top three (3) scorers will be announced on Facebook every Sunday starting from November 07, 2016 to December 04, 2016-time period. The top scorers need to keep their scores high in order to qualify in the culminating activity.
  • Top twelve (12) highest scorers qualify to play at Goldilocks SM Megamall on December 08, 2016 at 3:00PM-5:00PM.
  • Highest scorers who cannot attend the live tournament will automatically receive a consolation prize of Php 1,000-worth of Goldilocks GCs.
  • Top three (3) scorers from the live tournament will win the following prizes:
    • First prize: Php 5,000
    • Second prize: Php 3,000
    • Third prize: Php 2,000
    • Consolation: Nine (9) Php 1,000-worth of Goldilocks GCs

The game is not only fun and addictive, it also gives you the opportunity to get Goldilocks’ rewards in real life based on your high score.

The Sweet Attack app and promo will be available on both IOS and Google Play Store from November 7th to December 4th, 2016.

For more information on Sweet Attack, follow Goldilocks on Twitter or Instagram at @GoldilocksPH, on the Goldilocks Facebook page, or at the official Goldilocks website at

Goldilocks Sweet Attack App and Promo

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