Quick microwave cooking that is not only healthy but cost-efficient as well

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There’s no need for the chef in you to feel unaccomplished when you prepare home-cooked meals with a microwave. Given that microwave-prepared food are quick and easy to make and actually healthier to eat (more on that later), Midea Microwave Ovens are also very wallet-friendly.

But to get a clearer picture of its advantages, and since school season is in full swing, here is a hearty two-minute microwave French Toast recipe that your kids can enjoy eating without you breaking a sweat preparing.

You’ll need to cube two slices of bread and place those pieces in a mug. Separately, prepare a bowl that contains a combination of one egg and three tablespoons of milk, topped with a dash of cinnamon. Pour that egg mixture into the mug and press down the bread cubes so it can fully absorb the liquid. Microwave for one minute, and then ten seconds at a time until fully cooked, then you’re set.

Again, this meal only requires two minutes of preparation time. In the world of the hectic morning rush when both you and your child are trying to make it to the office and school on time, spending only two minute on a task should feel like heaven.

On top of that, meals like this, that are prepared with a microwave not only retain its nutrients better but also obviously requires no oil, reducing fat by 10% versus frying, which means it’s healthier.

These innate microwave benefits of quick and healthy cooking are definitely also present in Midea Microwave Ovens. But what makes the deal even sweeter is its economical “Piso Meal” feature.

At just P1 worth of electric operating cost, users can cook with Midea Microwave Ovens for three minutes—the usual amount of time it requires to microwave-cook most meals. Of course, that means the two-minute microwave French Toast presented earlier costs even less than P1.

This feature is available in both the mechanical and digital formats of Midea Microwave Ovens. Named after each product’s control feature, the Mechanical Microwave Oven has a push-button door opening method and operates with an output power of 700W with a standard voltage of 220V/60h. It comes in silver and white.

Meanwhile, the Digital Microwave Oven, which features a pull door opening method, operates with the same standard voltage but with an output power of 900W.

Under the fast-paced life we live in, there’s no time to settle for the ineffective and the inefficient. So the next time your child hears the recess bell, make sure what he pulls out of the lunch box is not only healthy, but prepared without a fuss.

For more information on Midea’s products, check out their website at http://midea.com.ph/

Quick microwave cooking that is not only healthy but cost-efficient as well

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