Upholding a Culture of Trustworthiness

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While it is basic for some firms to advocate honesty, integrity and doing the ‘right thing’, not all strive to create an awareness on how these values truly affect the backbone of the business.

Philam Life, the country’s most trusted brand in insurance, sticks to its vision of being the undisputed leader in life insurance and wealth management by upholding the highest ethical standard and professional behavior and by living the company’s operating philosophy of “Doing the right thing, the right way, with the right people, and the right results will come”.

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(From left) Philam Life Head of Compliance Ivan Justiniano, Philam Life Chief Risk Officer Joseph de Dios, Philam Life Chief Executive Officer Aibee Cantos, AIA Group Chief Compliance Officer Hritesh Mehta, and Philam Life General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Atty. Carla Domingo, Philam Life Head of Group Internal Audit Shiela Alarcio (not in the photo)

In line with promoting assurance awareness and doing the right thing, five of the company’s departments, namely, Corporate Secretary, Legal, Audit, Risk and Compliance (CLARC), agreed to collaborate in a month long program to affirm how trust and integrity are critical attributes in a life insurance company’s business operations. Relevant topics were “Three Lines of Defense”, “Investment Scam”, “Regulatory Outlook and Corporate Governance”, “Anti-Money Laundering Trends and Risks”, and “Laws and Investigations”.

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Guest Speaker Atty. Adrian Arpon of Anti-Money Laundering Council Secretariat talks about “Anti-Money Laundering Trends and Risks” during Philam Life’s CLARC Awareness Month

AIA Group Chief Compliance Officer Hritesh Mehta, was present during the Closing Program and gave an inspiring talk on “Treating Customers Fairly.” A subject matter focusing on fair and ethical approach to customers.

With a company whose mission is providing a policy for every Filipino family, existing and potential customers can be reassured of their trust to Philam Life.

Upholding a Culture of Trustworthiness

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