The Great Cake Caper: Goldilocks Find the Missing GoldiCake Contest

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For weeks now, social media has been abuzz, discussing a truly perplexing occurrence: all throughout the city, the giant 50th Anniversary cakes plastered on Goldilocks billboards have simultaneously disappeared. At first, netizens concluded that it must have been an isolated case limited to a particular billboard, but the chatter soon revealed that it was a nationwide phenomenon.

Compounding the mystery is that the company itself does not seem to know where their cake went. Numerous inquiries to the official Goldilocks Facebook page (GoldilocksPH) and even direct interaction with company officials have shed little light on the enigma. Indeed, there is a growing sense of concern and mild panic, as countless Filipino lives have been touched by the country’s best-loved bakeshop.

The good news is that there have been a number of cake sightings. In order to encourage people to help join the search, Goldilocks has even offered a cash prize to winning entrants.

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To join the hunt, simply spot the missing cake (stay tuned for clues) and take a selfie together with it. You may then upload it to a dedicated Goldilocks site with your name, age, address and contact details on or before June 27.

Step 1: Help us find the #MissingGoldiCake
Step 2: Check if it’s the one with 50 number candle and shaped like the cake cut out from the billboard.
Step 3: There’s a hashtag (#MissingGoldiCake) written on the cake piece. Please check if it’s there.
Step 4: Take a selfie with the #MissingGoldiCake in the background.
Step 5: Upload the photo on our microsite ( and complete the entry form.

Visit for the complete mechanics!

Promo Period: June 17 – June 27, 2016.

Each participant is allowed to submit up to three photos with a maximum size of 2MB.
The draw will be on June 29 where Goldilocks will choose five (5) winners of Php 10,000.00 cash and ten (10) winners of Php 5,000.00 worth of Goldilocks gift certificate.

Will you be the one to solve the great cake caper? To learn more about the mechanics of the Goldilocks Missing Cake Promo check out

The Great Cake Caper: Goldilocks Find the Missing GoldiCake Contest

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