Oyo and Kristine Sotto embrace the digital age to nurture their growing family

Sotto data sharing

The Sottos paint the picture of a happy and connected family with loving parents raising three growing kids. With celebrity power couple Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa driving the foundation of young Kiel (age 7), Ondrea (age 4) and Kaleb (age 1), it is important for them to find ways to maintain strong connections with their kids.

“Our days are full of errands that usually revolve around our kids’ schedules, especially now that Kiel and Ondrea have school,” Tin shared. “We all wake up early and have breakfast together, and then Oyo and I separate to take them to their schools if there’s no driver. While the kids are in school, we do our errands and work out. Then after school, we make sure that they get their homework done before we have our family bonding time.”

Just like any other family, their best days are spent watching movies and eating. Other than the annual trips abroad and sporadic trips to the cinema, the Sottos love to stay at home, where they say find everything they need. “Aside from streaming movies from iflix and Fox, we also watch a lot of cartoons as preferred by the kids,” Oyo said. “We’re so happy to have easy access to our favorite movies and shows whenever we want, on top of strong Internet and the PLDT TVolution Stick that lets us enjoy them in the big screen.”

Backed by the discipline and moderation imposed by the parents, the Internet plays a huge role in the Sottos’ lives. Aside from entertainment and connectivity, the Internet lets Oyo and Tin look up recipes and read the news. “Ondrea loves it when we read stories to her, while Kiel, being more visual, prefers to watch TV to be educated,” Tin added. “It’s really all in the Internet.”

The Internet now strengthens family connections even beyond the home. Thanks to the country’s first data sharing feature by the newest PLDT HOME DSL broadband plan, the Sottos stay in touch even outside the house. It is now easyshare the connection of their HOME DSL to their mobile phones—whether it’s to get updates on Kiel’s most recent commercial shoot, plan their next travel getaway or simply share different experiences to make those experiences more meaningful.

The PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Fam Plan 1299 offers speeds of up to 10 Mbps and a monthly data allocation of 50 GB.Families who upgrade their Speedster Plan with a Smart Mobile Plan 399 or Plan 600 can share 6 GB of the 50 GB monthly data allocation to their smart phones. They may get up to four Smart mobile phone lines bundled with their Speedster Fam Plan, all conveniently billed under one subscription.

“As we always say, Internet today is not just about high-speed connectivity,” PLDT VP and Marketing Director Gary Dujali said. “It is about the Internet helping build strong connections among family members within and beyond the home. We are more than happy to hear that families like the Sottos make the most out of technology in nurturing their bonds with each other wherever they may be. ”

Powered by the PLDT Group’s robust and resilient fixed and wireless networks, the Speedster Fam Plan will also allow families to access and enjoy exclusive offers from PLDT HOME and Smart’s other digital lifestyle partners such as Zalora, foodpanda and Airbnb, whether at home or on mobile.

For more information, log on to pldthome.com.


Oyo and Kristine Sotto embrace the digital age to nurture their growing family

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