Philam Life Agency Manager Inducted as new LUAP President

Philam Life Agency Manager

The Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines (LUAP) recently had its induction of its roster of officers for 2016. This was officiated by Insurance Commissioner Atty. Emmanuel Dooc.

Elected as president is Emmanuel D. Paras, a Registered Financial Planner and an Agency Manager at Philam Life, who expects nothing but excellence and dedication from the rest of the board.

“The [LUAP] wants nothing more than to complete its primary purpose of maintaining and raising the standards of service for all insurance agents,” he said. “If there’s one thing I learned in Philam Life, it is to always uphold and respect the rights of the clients, who deserve transparency and access to information whenever they invest their money in insurance,” he continued.

Philam Life Agency Manager

Insurance Commissioner Atty. Emmanuel Dooc (center) together with the newly inaugurated LUAP Board of Trustees. From left: Francis Nicole Serrano, President’s Cabinet Christine Duran, LUAP Secretary Karen Yulo, LUAP 2nd VP Rachel President’s Cabinet Rogel Morales, Aisa Villacorta, Mark Fernandez, Cecil De Mesa, and President’s Cabinet Agnes Ng

Not in photo: Aileen Palmes, Josephine Chua, and President’s Cabinet Nellie King

Along with Paras, three other elected members of the LUAP Board of Trustees are from the Philam Life Premier Agency namely Financial Advisor Aileen Palmes, and Agency Leaders Francis Serrano and Rogel Morales.

The LUAP is an organization of well-trained, competent and highly respectable professional life insurance agents who are committed to rendering the highest standards of ethical service to the public, abiding and conforming to all laws of regulations of the governing bodies, and contributing to the betterment of the community.

For more information on LUAP and Philam Life please visit or

About Philam Life

The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philam Life) is the country’s premier life insurance company. Established on 21 June 1947, Philam Life has earned the trust of customers for its financial strength, strong brand name, and ability to deliver on its promises.

Philam Life has PHP226.8 billion in total assets as of 31 December 2014 and has delivered timely payouts of over PHP9 billion in education benefits (2004-2014) and over PHP118 billion in insurance benefits (1950-2014), while serving close to 600,000 individual policyholders and over 1,700,000 insured group members.


Philam Life Agency Manager Inducted as new LUAP President

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