Hitachi Social Innovation forum – Address the Challenges for Sustainable Solutions

Hitachi Innovation - forum

Hitachi Philippines hosted a day event last February 12, 2016 with a theme “Hitachi Social Innovation Forum in Philippines”. The aim of the forum is to discuss the need for sustainable solutions to address the challenges facing the Philippines and the region.

The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum showcased a broad range of Hitachi’s business innovation in advanced information technologies. Customers, business partners, and major stakeholders in the Philippines will be able to have a better understanding of Hitachi’s key business fields such as information and telecommunication systems, power systems, healthcare, and transportation.

Hitachi Innovation - wall

The Social Innovation Forum will provide an opportunity to discuss technological answers to various societal issues particularly in the Philippines. The keynote speech by Mr. Hiroaki Nakanishi, Chairman & CEO of Hitachi will explore global mega trends that require Social Innovation and how Hitachi’s expertise can drive these opportunities.

TheSocial Innovation Forum event as guest-of-honor Mr. Amel Paciano Casanova, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Philippines Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA).

Hitachi Innovation - host

Delegates also heard Mr. Mitsuhiko Shimizu, General Manager Hitachi Asia Ltd. Philippine Branch, Mr. Alistair Dormer, Global CEO of Hitachi – Rail and Chairman Hitachi Rail Europe, and Mr. Alireza Aram, Senior Vice President of Energy Solutions Company.

They shared their views on the Philippines’ market growth and upcoming challenges, and introduce some of Hitachi’s solutions to meet the market needs of urbanization from the view of Energy Management, Urban City Development, and Public Transportation supported by Information Communication Technologies.

Hitachi Innovation - hall area

Asia is one of the most important markets for the Hitachi Group, and the Company is aiming to increase its revenue in Asia (excluding China) from 989.9 billion yen in FY 2013 to 1 , 100.0 billion yen in FY2015. To further expand its Social Innovation Business in this region, Hitachi is planning a series of upcoming Social Innovation Forums in other SEA countries in FY2016.

Hitachi Executive

Mr Ichiro Iino, Chief Executive forAsia Pacific, Hitachi, Ltd. said, ‘Throughout our long history in Asia, Hitachi has been working closely with various countries to support the region’s longtem development. For the Philippines, this began 86 years ago when we supplied hydro turbines to Davao. We are very excited to see the countrys rapid economic growth particularly in recent years, driven by strong government support. Through the Social Hitachi Innovation Forum held in the Philippines, we hope to showcase some successful examples of Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business and how these can contribute to the Philippines and this region.”

Hitachi aspires to drive innovation together with all of its stakeholders in ways that make positive contributions to society and seeks to inspire a world that provides safety, comfort and convenience to people throughout the planet, as well as for future generations.

Hitachi Social Innovation forum – Address the Challenges for Sustainable Solutions

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