Celebrate your birthday with Goldilocks DC Heroes Cakes and Capes

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 9.24.38 PM

Superman, The Batman, Wonder Woman and many other DC Heroes have fascinated kids for generations. Perhaps even you can remember the time when you used your red kumot and sipit to don a cape and pretend to fly around like Superman; or when you made “vroom vroom” sounds as you drove your cardboard box Batmobile.

These heroes are still popular to this generation of children. Sure, the stories of the heroes you know and love have changed over the years, but what hasn’t changed is how they still capture the imagination of your children. Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, can make these iconic heroes a part of your kid’s (Or your own.

Don’t be shy to admit that you want it.) birthday party with Justice League themed cakes. Have Superman gloriously stand atop a delicious chiffon and fondant cake, or perhaps even have Batman there brooding beside him. Add in more heroes like The Flash and Green Lantern to keep them company.

Make your child’s birthday party Super-awesome and pick up a Justice League cake from any Goldilocks branches nationwide. For more information, you may also follow Goldilocks on Twitter or Instagram at @GoldiclocksPH, on the Goldilocks Facebook page, or at the official Goldilocks website at www.goldilocks.com.ph

Celebrate your birthday with Goldilocks DC Heroes Cakes and Capes

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