Philam Life the Music Run, Making Real Life Strides

Philam Life Event

Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance company, continues to make a determined effort to affect a paradigm shift regarding the general perception about insurance. The company has consistently emphasized that insurance is all about living life to the fullest, taking care of our health, and pursuing our goals with passion and enjoyment. It was with these principles in mind that Philam Life launched its Vitality program, which encourages Filipinos to embrace a healthier lifestyle while having fun.

As part of the Vitality program, Philam Life recently held The Music Run at the Philippine Arena in Sta. Maria Bulacan. Envisioned as the country’s biggest and boldest run of the year, the groundbreaking event took its Music Runners™ through five different Music Zones—Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop, and Dance.

The runners also enjoyed a complete suite of health and wellness activities and perks from Philam Life, such as financial needs analysis at the Real Life Planner booth, sports and fitness challenges at the Philam Vitality area, and financial health check and relaxation activities at the BPI-Philam station.

Present at The Music Run was Philam Life CEO Axel Bromley, who led close to 10,000 Music Runners along the 5km route. “The driving factors behind Philam Vitality and The Music Run are actually very closely related,” Bromley explained. “Although being healthy is a top goal for many Filipinos, we tend to view living healthily as expensive and difficult to maintain. The goal behind both programs, Philam Vitality and The Music Run, is to provide a spark of enthusiasm by rewarding people for making healthy choices,” he further noted.

The Philam Life CEO likewise made reference to a recent study by the Oxford Health Alliance, which states that 60% of deaths worldwide are caused by chronic lifestyle diseases. “In light of these sobering statistics, our company offers more than just insurance plans. We value wise and health-conscious decisions, and Philam Vitality promotes exactly that,” he enthused.

“When healthy choices are combined with proper financial planning, that’s taking real-life strides in making sure that you and your family are secured,” he concluded.

The Music Run has had popular success in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, and Taiwan. Given the continued success of the event, another Philippine installment may come in the near future.

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Philam Life the Music Run, Making Real Life Strides

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