Superior washing results with the all new Electrolux UltraMix™ Washing Machine


Filipinos love bright and bold colors in clothing. Color is beautiful, until it fades. A bright red dress that you love can quickly turn into a piece of clothing you’d rather keep in your closet when it fades to a washed out pink after a few washes.

Globally, low temperature washing is becoming a trend to address this concern. More fabrics are now being designed for cold water cleaning since it is gentler on clothes and helps retain color for a longer time.

However, doing your laundry with cold water using standard washing machines do not always get the expected results since a higher temperature is usually needed to fully activate your detergent’s full potential.

Electrolux UltraMix Washing Machine

Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances, solves this through its all new Electrolux UltraMixTM Washing Machine. Tested by Intertek, a third party quality and performance center, the UltraMixTM is proven to deliver outstanding washing performance while giving you deeper cleaning and vibrant fabrics.

·         46% better fabric and color care

Retaining the color of your clothes while making sure they are thoroughly clean is tricky since warm water is needed to activate your detergent. However, this can also make your clothes fade faster.

Electrolux’s patented UltraMix System™ premixes water and detergent, and sprays the solution evenly on clothing to ensure thorough cleaning while saving water, detergent, energy and time.

·         87% energy savings

The environmental effect of washing and drying clothes highly depends on how you do your laundry. This can be reduced by making smarter choices on how you care for your clothes.  

With the Electrolux UltraMixTM Washing Machine, powered by its EcoInverter Motor, you can save up to 87% in energy consumption as compared to the regular 40° wash cycle of standard front load washing machines.

·         48% time savings

Doing the laundry may be a time-consuming and seemingly never-ending chore, but with the Electrolux UltraMixTM Washing Machine, you save almost half the time spent on your laundry. You get a shorter wash cycle since detergent and softener dissolve quicker and are evenly sprayed directly to the fabric, needing less rinse time.

The Electrolux UltraMixTM Washing Machine delivers exceptional washing performance in less time, using less energy, and with better color and fabric care compared to traditional front load washing machines. With the Electrolux UltraMixTM Washing Machine, you get worry-free clean and care for your clothes while keeping them as bright as the day you bought them.

Superior washing results with the all new Electrolux UltraMix™ Washing Machine

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