Neltex and Philips work Together towards Sustainability


The Philippines is forecasted to face an 800-megawatt power shortage this summer, which creates operational challenges for the country. At the same time, it echoes mounting calls to conserve energy across different sectors of the economy.

Neltex Development Corporation, which is the first company in the Philippines to manufacture heavy-metal free pipes, believes energy conservation is one of the major challenges for companies in the light and heavy industry.

“Promoting sustainability is one of our core tenets,” says Jun Velasco, Neltex Vice President for Manufacturing. “It is a new thing for us, but we decided to be exhaustive and applied it in every aspect of our company—from the formulation of our products to the lighting we use in operations.” Velasco adds, “Our goal is to go green.”

Most recently, Neltex partnered with Philips to upgrade the lighting systems of its state-of-the-art plant in Dasmariñas. The partnership came as the building supplier moved from Las Piñas to Cavite.

The new plant came into full operation May last year, after the installation of additional production lines and integrating machines to automate the manufacturing process.


Towards a greener path

“We wanted to contribute to the environment,” explains Velasco. “It all started with the formulation of the pipes. When we moved to this factory, we changed our formulation for our products. Now, we are the first in the Philippines to produce heavy-metal and lead-free pipes.”

As it changed location and upgraded its facilities, Neltex took it as an opportunity to add a greener approach to every detail of the plant—including the installation of ecologically friendly lighting systems.

From the factory to the stockyard, Neltex’s 26,000-sqm facility has been installed with high-quality Philips LED lighting. From highbay luminaires down to office space lighting, Neltex now uses energy-efficient and environment-friendly lighting technologies.

According to Velasco, “Using LEDs does not only help us save electricity, it also lessens our carbon footprint.”

The new plant is the first in the regional Neltex network to start incorporating green technologies into all aspects of its operations, making it an industry showcase in efficiency.


Pro-environment, Pro-savings

“LED lighting is one of the most advanced types of lighting right now,” shares Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, Country Manager of Philips Philippines. “It opens new possibilities for energy savings and sustainability.”

In comparison to its counterparts, LEDs are known to project brighter light while using less energy. They also last longer, which means less-frequent replacements and waste.

For a power-intensive company like Neltex, state-of-the-art lighting provides durability, performance, and savings. As a matter of fact, LED lights can save up to 85 percent energy—resulting in ROI in just 2-5 years time

Moreover, Philips LEDs are also designed to provide proper lighting levels for warehouse use. With its advanced optics, these lighting solutions provide the right light in the right place.


‘Green’ lighting

Lights account for nearly 20% of electrical consumption and 6% of CO2 emissions worldwide. Unless changes are made, the global consumption of lighting could climb to 60% by 2030.

For its part, Philips has always been a strong advocate of sustainability and energy efficiency. Tetteroo-Bueno advises, “Our choice in technology impacts the environment around us and all of us should do our part to help preserve it.

Velasco closes, “We chose Philips because of its history and reputation. We are very happy with our choice.”

Neltex and Philips work Together towards Sustainability

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