Pay Less and Enjoy More with an Inverter this Summer Enjoy the comfort of an energy-efficient inverter air conditioner this season


Air conditioning use tends to hit its peak during summer due to the extreme heat. Owners who use units for eight hours daily could end up operating them twice as long, if not longer. According to Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning (CCAC) Consumer Solutions Group Director, Harold Pernikar, this is exactly why investing in an inverter is a smart idea.

“Home comfort will be a top priority for Filipino homes once again amid intense heat,” he remarks. Less than 15% of Filipino homes have air conditioners and the intensifying heat of summer will take a scorching toll on home comfort. But with new and affordable cooling solutions hitting the market, there could be a silver lining.

Inverter technology promises more efficient cooling. The inverter’s system variably adjusts itself to maintain the desired temperature level leading to less electricity consumption. However, not all inverters provide the same energy savings. Some are more energy-efficient than the others.

A more energy-efficient inverter

Based on an actual test conducted, the Carrier X-Power Gold air conditioner proved to be up to 53% more energy-efficient than other leading inverter brands.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 10.05.51 AM

Apart from its efficiency, the Carrier X-Power Gold has a host of other features for a more pleasurable cooling experience. Its Daily Sleep and Eco Sleep timers automatically switch the unit on and off with the option to gradually adjust temperature throughout the night for the perfect balance of comfort and savings.

Clean and healthy air

Carrier X-Power Gold also cleans the air you breathe with the Nano Silver Ginseng and the Nano Photo Copper Zinc Filters that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and deodorizing properties.

To top off its impressive feature set, the unit comes with on-board diagnostics that easily allow you to check the state of your air conditioner for quick and easy troubleshooting and repair.

“We want them to own air conditioners that give back more than just cooling, and that is why we are offering products that feature energy savings and healthy air quality features to boot,” Pernikar says.

With a more energy-efficient inverter air conditioner, you can now keep your homes cool without worrying about electricity cost.

Pay Less and Enjoy More with an Inverter this Summer Enjoy the comfort of an energy-efficient inverter air conditioner this season

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