Samsung Launched Latest Digital Appliances Line-up that fits Every Kind of Family


Samsung Philippines understands how boundless Filipino mothers are when it comes to her family’s welfare. In-depth understanding of these concerns propels them to fulfill the goal of being an integral partner in addressing the wants and needs of Filipino families to build a happier homes.

Samsung recently staged Made to Fit: A Musical event at Blue Leaf Events in Taguig City that launched their latest digital appliances line-up and showcase how each appliance perfectly fits every kind of Family.


Topper Fabregas and Sheila Valderrama-Martinez




Nothing can be compared to the Filipino mothers’ unconditional love and deep concern. They have always been the guiding light, encouraging and pushing each family member to do great things and soar high. After all, a happy family that’s successful and lives a convenient life is where she finds contentment.


Ms. Lei-Lani Montemayor, Product Manager for Washing Machine


Aside from the musical, the event featured an experimental area, giving guests the opportunity to take a closer look at the latest Samsung Digital Appliances. The guests witnessed and experienced  how and why each appliance plays an integral part in creating a happier home. Mothers, in particular, appreciate how Samsung Digital Appliances perfectly fit their needs around the house, providing them more ways to give the best possible care for their family.

A partner to greater convenience

The Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine with ActivDualWash have its own dedicated sink, washboard, and water jet build right into the washer, pre-treating laundry is more convenient. This can help reduce lower back pains by 43% when washing. Moreover, this fully automatic washing machine addresses common laundry problems such as tangling, detergent residues, and lints that may damage clothes.


It features Wobble Technology that creates powerful vertical wash motions to prevent clothes from tangling, a Magic Dispenser that uses a propeller to dissolve detergent in the dispenser and spread it evenly and Magic Filter located at the water level that traps the lint, fluff and particles coming out of clothes during the washing process. With Samsung’s New Top Loaded Fully Automatic Washing Machine with ActiDualWash, moms can have more time and energy to spend time with their family while ensuring that their family gets the best washed clothes.

Addressing space constraints

Samsung offers a wide range of refrigerator sizes from 6.4 to 28.7 cubic feet. Apart from large storage capacities, Samsung also incorporates design that maximizes space efficiency.


Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator for instance have revolutionary “fridge within the fridge” design which features two independent areas, which can offer more space and wider range of storage and organization options. The first layer, also now as the showcase, provides clearly define zones for frequently used food and ingredients. Meanwhile, the inner case, which is located deeper inside the refrigerator, provides the perfect place to keep larger and long-lasting items fresher. With Samsung’s Refrigerators, maximum storage space is achieved while keeping energy consumption and floor space requirements at a minimum.

Energy Efficiency

The Samsung AR7000 air conditioner features a triangular design enabling quicker, further, and wider cooling. Its energy-efficient capability usage and expense. Apart from these key features, Samsung also offers a 10-year warranty program, demonstrating their confidence and assurance on their newest air-conditioning unit.


“Samsung truly understand the heart and mind of Filipino mothers, specially their concern for  their families. With its latest innovative, smart and high quality digital appliances line-up, Samsung is once again offering a whole new home experience for Filipino family.” Mr. Filart concluded.

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Samsung Launched Latest Digital Appliances Line-up that fits Every Kind of Family

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