Air Conditioner for the Philippine weather Condura delivers durable cooling solutions for less than P4/hour

condura-hi-wall-inverte-side-openThe cold, wintry breeze in the Philippines during the holidays swings back to extreme heat when summer approaches—making air conditioners a great option to maintain cooling comfort inside homes. But how sure are you that your air-conditioner can perform under the country’s punishing condition after the Christmas season?

“Air-conditioners are a great way to keep households comfortable,” says Harold Pernikar, Consumer Solutions Group Head. “Still, low humidity conditions can affect the efficiency of your cooling system as it doubles its work load.”

This is why Condura air-conditioners are engineered to combine durability, efficiency, and maximum savings. Pernikar describes, “Our units are tailor-made for Filipino homes—helping them curb electricity charges without compromising cooling comfort.”


Condura High-Wall Inverter

Affordable durability and performance

The Condura High Wall Inverter provides optimum cooling for as low as P4.00 per hour. It is designed with high-efficiency DC rotary inverter technology that cools the room steadily after reaching desired room temperatures.

“For families who want to save, every centavo counts in managing their expenses particularly during Christmas,” says Pernikar.

Apart from offering value for money, the Condura High Wall Inverter is also known for its durability and reliability. It even comes with Self Diagnostics and protection features that automatically alert owners of any error or failure.

“Condura Air Conditioners are engineered for the country’s punishing climate. Durability is where we hang our hat on,” Pernikar continues.

Additionally, the cooling system has a 3D Inlet that allows for faster and more efficient air distribution. By activating its SMART button, the air-conditioner automatically sets cooling to the most comfortable levels based on the current indoor temperature.

“This unit has tons of reliable features,” explains Pernikar. “It comes with a remote control which acts as a temperature sensor for surrounding areas; a sleep function that can regulate daily usage; and an automatic setting that programs on-and-off times.”

Preparing for summer

“As Filipino families gear up for the summer season, Air conditioners are once again a top of mind priority for them,” remarks Pernikar “Comfort and convenience along with Energy Savings are key benefits that the Filipino consumers are looking for when they plan their air conditioner purchase.

Condura’s High Wall Inverter also comes with anti-mildew features that dry condensation in the indoor unit, and active charcoal filters that help trounce pollution, bad odors, and other airborne irritants inside the room.

While durability is the benchmark of Condura, Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) also strives to deliver products that go beyond cooling performance.

Pernikar concludes: “Gusto naming makatulong sa pagtitipid sa bahay (We want to help in saving household expenses). We want people to know that a comfortably cool home is now within reach—whether it’s Christmas or summer—with the help of Condura.”

Air Conditioner for the Philippine weather Condura delivers durable cooling solutions for less than P4/hour

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