Midea completes landmark project, First V5X Series air-conditioning system installed in Philippines

V5 x

Midea, a leading consumer appliances and air-conditioning systems manufacturer, has successfully installed the first Midea V5X Series Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system in the Philippines at a soon-to-open mall in Olongapo City.

In the Philippines, Midea commercial air conditioning is one of the marquees under Concepcion Building & Industrial Solutions—a group that aims to provide buildings with end-to-end solutions anchored on energy-efficiency, reliability, and operational stability.

“We are privileged to be part of this prestige installation,” said Rowen Padua, Sales Head of Concepcion Building & Industrial Solutions. “The project is a huge milestone for our group, and we plan on carrying this momentum of success forward.”

Innovative Mechanical Engineering Solutions, a contractor under Concepcion Building & Industrial Solutions, played a pivotal role in providing the mechanical design and installation of units.

From a structural design perspective, the V5X offers tremendous advantages because its large system capacity requires fewer outdoor units compared to its competitors. According to Padua, this frees up space and minimizes installation and maintenance costs.

If this mall expands via additional lot areas or commercial areas, it can easily build on the existing VRF system. Russell Yao, Strategic Marketing Manager for Concepcion Building & Industrial Solutions, added: “The developer initially invests in what they need first and can augment their system when necessity arises.”

With the capacity to reach 88HP, the Midea V5X VRF system has the largest combination capacity in the market. At peak capacity, all the compressors of the Midea V5X system will be working at full load but it can automatically ramp down its compressors to reduce energy consumption when cooling load decreases.

“This is an attractive feature for buildings and establishments with wide variances in foot traffic (like shopping malls, hotels, and call centers), as it can manage power consumption efficiently,” described Yao.

According to Padua, “This particular project can reach ROI (Return on Investment) in just a span of three years due to cutting-edge tech of the V5X Series.”

The five-storey complex is slated to open March 2015 with the Midea V5X as its main cooling source.

Midea completes landmark project, First V5X Series air-conditioning system installed in Philippines

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