Get ready for Infinity Nado, to take Gaming to a Whole new Level

infinity Nado coatches

Get ready for the latest toy craze in the country, and prepare to spin your way to a lot of fun and excitement with the all new Infinity Nado. The newest game that has been making waves all over ASIA and rest of the world is finally here in the Philippines.

If you have played “trumpo” before you will be familiar with this new toy, it’s a modern version of it with a lot of customization that can be done.  Made by popular toy-maker Auldey, Infinity Nado tops are designed using advance physics that revolutionizes and increases gameplay and competition.

infinity Nado Show

The digitally advance top is based on popular anime series of the same title that focused on battle, justice, and friendship. The story features the adventures of Jin and his mates as they enter the Gyro-type tower to stop its rotation and overcome the evil forces to save the world. You can catch Infinity Nado on TV5 from Monday to Friday at 10am to 10:30am, and New time slot on January 12, 2015 9:30-10:00AM

Infinity Nado was Officially launched with The Infinity Nado Bloggers’ Event held at McDonald’s The Forum in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) last January 5, 2015. they introduced a new series of Nado Tops.

infinity Nado launch event

infinity Nado

There will also be a nationwide competition that will be held at selected stores nationwide, there will be monthly, and weekly event where each player can compete and gain points and ranks towards the grand finals, its another great ways for parents and siblings to bond together and have fun not to mention win some cool prizes. Speaking prize, the grand prize for the grand finals is a brand new car. Below is the details on how to join.

Activate - Register - Battle

Infinity Nado’s gameplay features the world first RFID smart chips that store fight stats and data using the digital scanner. The smart chips store gamers’ personal information and keeps real-time track of level certification, accumulated score and fight history.


 Watch as Coach Angel one of the Infinity Nado Official Coach unbox one of the new Infinity Nado Package.

infinity Nado team

Team Infinity Nado

Watch out for Infinity Nado spinning tops such as the Infinity Nado Aspis, Infinity Nado Jester, Infinity Nado Cyan Spout, Infinity Nado Furious and more it’s available in Toy Kingdom, Toy Town, Toys R’ Us and other toy stores in Metro Manila for only Php 499.

For more details on Infinity Nado, please like their Facebook page at

Get ready for Infinity Nado, to take Gaming to a Whole new Level

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