A world of Bed and how it was Made in Uratex Plant Tour

Uratex Showroom

Ever wonder how the Uratex foam is made, let me tell you me experience with the tour we made on their plant located Multinlupa City.

But first did you know that in 1968 Robert Cheng established Polyfoam Chemical Corporation to produce polyurethane foam. Shortly after, Uratex Foam brand was launched to the delight of quality-conscious consumers.

Now!  they have the World class state of the art equipment used in producing Uratex foams.
The Hennecke Multiflex machine from Germany is one of the main pieces of Uratex’s world class machineries. At that time of purchase in Y2001 (and again in Y2009), Uratex is only the second company in the world adopting this new Hennecke Multiflex technology. Hennecke brand is used only by the best foamers in the world for the strictest global standards. It is the machine of choice if you want to conform to the strictest standards of the automotive and other high-tech industries.

Uratex Start of the Tour Start of the Tour in a very hot afternoon.

Uratex _ Cooling Chemicals

First Stop is where all the chemicals are stored and cooled which is later to be use in making the foam.

Uratex - The Start of Foam making

This is where it all began, this is the liquid that will later on turn into Uratex Foam. The company only uses the best raw materials from global suppliers such as Bayer, BASF, Shell, Dow, Mitsui.

Uratex - the foam starting to grow

Uratex - Where it started 2

From Liquid to now forming into foam as it pass along the long this trail.

When it reach the right length, it’s automatically cut by a machine.

Uratex - The Cutter Machine

This is the machine that control the cutter

Uratex - Raw Product

Uratex - Precut Products

The Products ready for sorting, packaging and then shipping to all their store outlets.

Uratex - Quality Policy

RGC Foam Group is today’s largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products in the country. Through world-class manufacturing practices and a strong culture of excellence, RGC Foam Group has become the most dominant player in the local foam industry and one of the leading foam-makers in Southeast Asia.

Uratex Lab

Uratex Research and Dev

Uratex Philippines has a Foam Research and Development and Process Engineering Departments that are dedicated in continuous development and acquisition of advance technology, equipment, processes all over the world. The departments ensure that Uratex Foam are of high quality and of world-class standard. The company is also making sure that the members of these two departments are updated and in-the-know of the latest advancements in the foam-making industry.

This Special Tour was not possible without Uratex and AMPR . URATEX Plant is located at  Km. 23 East Service Road,Baranggay Cupang ,  South Superhighway , Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Uratex Contact Information: Tel: (632) 842-6326 to 27 / Fax: (632) 842-3127

Store Hours: from Monday to Saturday 8 – 6pm and on Sunday 10 – 6pm

Social Networks: https://www.facebook.com/UratexPhilippines / http://www.uratex.com.ph/  Twitter: @Uratexfoam

A world of Bed and how it was Made in Uratex Plant Tour

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