Dinner Experience at Dencio’s Bar and Grill Restaurant in Harbor Square

Dencio's - dart knight

I seldom go to Harbor Square at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, but after my dinner experience at Dencio’s Restaurant it’s now on my list of my fave restaurant. I Will definitely visit them again now that I’ve tasted their Crispy Pata which is the best that I’ve tasted so far, and that crispy chicken neck which is now officially my favorite.

Dencio’s Bar and Grill Restaurant is now a member of Max’s Group family of brands, its one of the Philippines first provincial-resort type of restaurants-recently unveiled a new concept store in its branch in Harbor Square at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Dencio's at Harbor Square

The new look of Dencio’s in Harbor Square have an ambiance of feeling relax and you know that you can dine and enjoy your food. The combination of wood, glass and bamboo as a decorative design give the interior look really relaxing.

It was Dennis Nakpil who founded Dencio’s in 1991, and now they one of the name the most people remember when it comes to casual dining.

“Dencio’s remain a beloved restaurant among Pinoys.” said Jim Fuentebella, Branding Director of Max’s Group Inc. (MGI). “Tp stay top of mind, we refurbished the store’s look to better reflect the core values that built the brand. And we couldn’t do this without the help of its original founder.”

Interior 2 - Dencio's

Dencio’s also have function rooms, which can be booked for company meetings, family gatherings or simply get together and enjoy Dencio’s dishes.

Interior 1 - Dencio's

It was a dinner experience for selected bloggers, everyone take time to look around at Dencio’s and take some pictures, while they prepare the feast for us to enjoy. The staff and management of Dencio’s are easy to talk to they accommodate our questions and inquiries with smiles.

DEncios-Bloggers taking time to talk Dencios executive

Then when the dishes was presented we all take turn in getting that perfect picture for our blogs.

Dencios - Food are served

I was in a good company of bloggers, everyone was easy to talk, its like a reunion of friends enjoying the great food and relaxing place.

Dencio's - Fellow Bloggers enjoying the food

Here’s what we had for dinner that night!

dencios - Kilawin

Dencio's - Calamares

Dencios' Adobo Flakes Rice

Dencios - Pancit

Dencios - Rice

But what really owe me was the overflowing of Crispy Pata, it just keep on coming. Why? well because Dencio’s version of the all time favorite is really good, when i say its really good I mean the skin or outer part of the meat was really crispy and tender, while the meat inside was soft and juicy.

Dencio's Crispy Pata

Now this Crispy Chicken Neck is just perfect. I love how it taste, the crunchiness of the skin was perfect and I can even eat the bones, and we we’re lucky that night since we we’re the first to taste this. It will be available this coming new year.

Dencio's new Crispy Chicken neck

At Dencio’s CCP every Friday and Saturday evening there is Dart Knight challenge! Guests will be given 3 attempts to hit the bull’s-eye. For every bull’s-eye, the player gets a free bottle of beer. And when the player gets all three bulls eye, the customer wins a bucket of ice-cold beer!

Dencio's Dart Game

That’s me and Juan Manila Express trying out the dart game!

Can’t wait to comeback at Dencio’s, now that its under MGI (Max’s Group Inc), Im sure we can expect more improvement and surprises.


Dencio’s Harbor Square – CCP Branch is located at Ground Level, Building 2, Harbour Square Pedro Bukaneg St., CCP Complex, Manila visit their official Facebook Page for updates https://www.facebook.com/Denciosofficialpage

Dinner Experience at Dencio’s Bar and Grill Restaurant in Harbor Square

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