Quipper’s top ‘ambassadors’ attracting thousands of Online Students

Quipper Ambassadors  copy

The Quipper School honored “ambassadors” who taught students online in Math, English, Science, Pilipino, and Araling Panlipunan, the five major course subjects in local education. During the school’s first national conference, these teachers who helped launch the online program in January of this year shared their experiences depicting how the students have developed a passion for learning because of it.

One of the active teachers is Ana Marita Aler, annInformation and Communications Technology coordinator at Culiat High School in Quezon City. Aler has been called be one of the school’s greatest advocates after she attracted thousands of students soon after discovering the free service.

Yuki Naoturi, General Manager, Manila Office with Quipper Ambassadors from different schools

Another enthusiastic teacher is Emmanuel Escol, a math teacher from Iligan City East National High School. He has 5,646 active students in the Quipper School. Escol said that he is enthusiastic about the technology and has created a variety of educational Youtube videos himself even before Youtube became popular. His school is one of the most active Quipper-using Schools with many teachers participating in the  “2nd Quarter Exam Challenge Campaign.”
Heidee Ferrer, head of the English Department at the New Era High School in Quezon City, has been at the forefront of the school’s adoption of e-learning and never fails to spot an opportunity to promote it. She has 3,029 active students. Ferrer has founded a community of teachers who work together on Quipper School, and shares her experiences to encourage her colleagues’ students to use the platform.

Quipper’s top ‘ambassadors’ attracting thousands of Online Students

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