The Carboxy Ultrahydrating Gel Therapy: For the Sexy Man About Town

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There is nothing sexier than a man with firm yet healthy, glowing skin. While most males focus on toning their abs and building their muscles, their total appeal is greatly defined by their clear and smooth skin. Sporting a healthy glow not only sustains youthful looks, it also gives today’s active males an air of confidence, as they step out into the world.

There are several products in the market that can address common skin problems. However if one intends to look good at all times then a hydrating therapy can help restore one’s natural glow. The Carboxy Ultrahydrating Gel Therapy at Zen Institute infuses the much needed oxygen back into the skin.

The human body needs an ample amount oxygen for proper organ functions while keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Unfortunately factors like age, stress and other environmental pollutants easily weakens the body’s oxygen level.

Carboxy Ultrahydrating Gel Therapy brings the oxygen back into the body thereby increasing blood flow while encouraging cell restoration.

When applied to the skin the ultrahydrating gel smoothens trouble spots like dark circles and drooping skin in the eye area. It improves skin texture, controls wrinkles and flabby cheeks and even prevents acne scars.

Clients will immediately feel fresh, moisturized and hydrated after the first treatment. The skin is guaranteed to visibly improve within eight to ten weeks of treatment. Each session takes only 20 minutes, which is perfect for men-on-the-go.

Aside from the facial area, the non-invasive treatment can also remove cellulite flaccidity and localized fat deposits in other areas of the body.

The Zen Institute is located at 69 Scout Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City (02-441-1712/02-412-2528); Ground Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st St., Corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (02-856-2027); and at the St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center, Maharlika Highway, Bgy. 2, Sto.Tomas, Batangas (+43-778-4811).

For more information about The Zen Institute and CARBOXY ULTRAHYDRATING GEL THERAPY, visit and like them on Facebook at


The Carboxy Ultrahydrating Gel Therapy: For the Sexy Man About Town

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