Felta launches new Content Distribution System with Intel Education


After months of anticipation, Felta Multi Media has finally launched its latest offering, the brand-new Content Distribution System. Together with Intel Education, Felta unveiled the product to an audience of K-12 school heads and primary decision-makers at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

A compact content management system, Felta’s Content Distribution System (CDS) houses educational content from Intel® SkooolTM, the Department of Science and Technology, and the British Council. When students connect their mobile devices to their classroom’s CDS, they can access both preloaded educational content and resources loaded by their teachers.

At the launch, Bernd Nordhausen, Intel® Solutions Architect for Asia Pacific and Japan, explained the workings and advantages of the long-awaited CDS, while Felta CEO Mylene Abiva talked about Felta’s Study Book tablet, which boasts a drop-proof, water-resistant design, pre-installed educational software, and practical science and technology tools.

Intel® Business Development Manager Carlo Subido also discussed Intel Education’s goal to provide greater social and economic opportunities for children throughout the world.

The CDS and Study Book tablet are part of Felta’s latest offering, the Classroom Solutions Bundle. Supported by Intel, the bundle consists of one (1) CDS and 25 to 40 Intel-powered Study Book tablets.

The CDS provides multiple mobile educational devices high-speed access to academic content even when on offline mode, avoiding difficulties caused by the Philippines’ unreliable internet infrastructure.

As Intel Education Solutions’ provider in the Philippines, Felta strives to make education relevant and responsive to the needs of the time. Intel® Education also supports efforts to make education, technology, and digital literacy more accessible worldwide.

Felta launches new Content Distribution System with Intel Education

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