Maximum taste, minimum effort Philips showcases a smarter kitchen

Celebrity Foodie Nancy Lumen

For Filipinos, the kitchen is the heart of a home. Family cooks often spend countless hours inside it, preparing meals for friends and loved ones—a task that is both immense and intensive. In line with this, homemakers will be glad to learn that Philips has a full range of kitchen appliances that make rustling up their favorite dishes much easier.

“With the Philips kitchen collection, I can invite my friends for parties and get-togethers without having to worry about preparations,” said celebrity foodie Nancy Lumen during the Philips Kulinarya cooking demonstration. “I can do all the things I would typically ask from a caterer and, at the same time, I have the time and leisure to enjoy my own party.”

Nancy Lumen

At the event, the renowned television chef prepared a series of palate-tickling dishes complete with appetizers, main courses, and desserts—like Coleslaw, Hainanese Chicken, Lechon Kawali, and Anise Cookie Cut-Ups. In preparing the scrumptious meal, Mrs. Lumen used the flagship kitchen appliances of Philips: the Philips Food Processor, the Philips Airfryer, the Sensor Touch Rice Cooker, and the Philips Slow Juicer.

According to Lumen, the Philips kitchen line lets you get into the core of nutrients, adding that the appliances are “friendly to anything healthy, and everything fresh, green, and colorful.” Pia Umayam, Business Development Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, highlighted the importance of offering multiple functions for each appliance.

She explained: “Our products work for you in many ways to simplify the kitchen experience. The Philips Sensor Touch Rice Cooker, for instance, is not only for rice. Our family chefs may also use it to make soup, bake, or even stew.”

Maximum taste, minimum effort Philips showcases a smarter kitchen

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