“Survivor” in Theathers in July 23

Director John Lyde, known for his crowd-pleasing independent films such as “Saga: Curse of the Shadow” is back at the helm of “Survivor” starring sci-fi icon Kevin Sorbo and upcoming action star Danielle Chuchran.

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Produced by Arrowstorm Entertainment, the world leader in fantasy entertainment, “Survivor” tells the story of Kate Mitra (Chuchran), who crash-lands after decades of drifting in space, along with a group of living humans on an alien planet.

But when Kate’s crewmates are captured by flesh-eating creatures, she must join forces with the planet’s mysterious masked inhabitants before what’s left of humanity is destroyed.

danielle chuchran stars in SURVIVOR

“Survivor” opens in cinemas on July 23 from Crystalsky Multimedia.

Watch the trailer

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“Survivor” in Theathers in July 23

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