Scorching Hot Irina Ansell on the cover of UNO Magazine

Does it feel like the hottest summer ever? Pick up the latest issue of UNO Magazine with Irina Ansell on the cover and you’re guaranteed to feel even hotter.

Irina Ansell (UNO 93)Irina epitomizes scorching hot and is the perfect girl to bring anyone out of hibernation. This Polish-born seductress has Jewish, Italian and Russian blood running thru her veins and her sun-kissed complexion coupled with her sultry gaze will get your blood running to all the right places.

Find out what keeps UNO Magazine’s summer siren focused (hint, she’s actually quite talented behind the lens as she is in front of it), discover some of her deepest darkest desires and even be surprised that this girl can take you to court (and even provide the background information to boot).

She is such an accomplished woman, she even gave the photos for this issue–shooting them in the exotic sands of Mexico and Hawaii. She makes crocheted pieces of swimwear look very sexy indeed and images of her bending her tiny waist over a hard white rock make you go…

Well, you get the picture. Think feathers, here, there and everywhere plus itsy bitsy bikinis. Have we whet your appetite enough?

This issue of UNO Magazine will also satisfy your wanderlust as it shows you how to become an adept backpacker across some of Asia’s most sought-after locations. If you think becoming a world-class traveler is only for the rich and famous, UNO Magazine breaks it down for you in simple do’s and don’ts to follow and shows you it can be done on a budget.

Rules, or conventions, on the other hand is something triathletes Betsy Medalla and Julian Valencia, both in their 40’s, have learned to defy. Be inspired by their amazing feat of crossing the icy cold waters of the Robben Island Channel in South Africa and the obstacles they overcame to get there.

There’s one more reason to get your hands on this UNO Magazine issue (as if the sight alone of Irina wasn’t enough). We know how boys like their toys. And we know how much you like to dress up like your fave superhero. So we found the guy, Wesley Ventura Yusi, who does just that for you. You’re welcome.

But back to Irina Ansell, she dares to “turn her back to us” on this UNO Magazine cover, and you’ll be thanking us over and over again that she did. Give in and let Irina thaw you out with this month’s UNO Magazine.

UNO magazine is available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

Scorching Hot Irina Ansell on the cover of UNO Magazine

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