Doctor Leather – Leather Restoration Experts

With the proliferation of luxury leather goods, more and more people need a place to repair and restore these luxury items. Just as cars need to be serviced after purchase, so do these expensive leather items need to be restored after some use.

Doctor Leather Logo

When leather goods are stained, -me is of the essence. The longer one waits, the harder it is to remove the stain. Moreover, not all luxury brands have a branch in the Philippines. Chanel, Goyard and Celine (among others) do not have standalone stores in Manila.

Doctor Leather recognizes the opportunity to address the needs of clients who want the repair and restora-on job done quickly and efficiently without having to pay top-­‐price nor sacrifice the quality.

Who are Doctor Leather

We began trading luxury goods in 2007, specifically designer bags, wallets, watches and jewelry. Being in the trade industry for luxury items, the demand for maintenance and repair of items became apparent. As such, a<er researching on how to best care for leather goods, Doctor Leather was born.

Clients for bags rou-nely ask if we can help them repair their leather items. In 2011, a small shop was set-­‐up at the garage of the house to cater to minor repairs. In 2013, Doctor Leather was formally launched into a full-­‐-me business.

Doctor Leather opened at the 3rd level of Shoppesville in Greenhills. A few months a<er, the second shop opened at the 3rd level of GlorieXa 5. Another outlet is soon to open at the SM Mall of Asia. We offer free consulta-on for leather items such as bags, wallets, shoes, belts and luggage. Services include cleaning, color restora-on, cu[ng, s-tching, zipper repair, patching and pas-ng, shoe sole protec-on, style altera-on and lining repair. Doctor Leather is the name trusted by celebri-es which include Toni and Alex Gonzaga, Kim Chui, Iza Calzado, Rufa Mae Quinto, Bangs Garcia, Dimples Romana, Valerie Concepcion and Annabelle Rama, to name a few.

3RD FLOOR SHOPPESVILLE, GREENHILLS – Tel. Number: 650-0944 (landline) 0998-3901800 (mobile)

3RD FLOOR GLORIETTA – Tel. Number: 5 806-8219 (landline) 0998-3901505 (mobile)

Doctor Leather – Leather Restoration Experts

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