IFE Elevators – One of the Largest Elevator brands in China now in the Philippines

I’m sure the name IFE Elevators sound new to you, well they are! They just officially launched today their official presence in Philippine market for Elevators and escalators. IFE Elevators Co. Ltd. of China is well know makers of Elevators and lifts that customers worldwide, with certification and compliance in the industry.

IFE Elevators is made by IFE Elevators Co. Ltd. of China and will be distributed locally by IFE Elevators Philippines. The distribution agreement was formally signed today by top executives of both companies amid simple ceremonies held recently at the Kingston Tower, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

For the Philippine market, Ondoy said that IFE Elevators Philippines will offer several products such as Vertical Lifts, elevator types such as Passenger and Freight, Hospital Bed, Scenic or Panoramic, “Dumbwaiter,” and Home Lifts.

IFE Elevators Philippines General Manager Francis Ondoy said the company will handle the Sales, Marketing, Installation, Maintenance and After-sales service elements. “Also, we already have the necessary resources and competent technical personnel that will take care of all concerns regarding the business.”

Francis Ondoy said there are several reasons why they decided to distribute IFE Elevators in the Philippines. One is that IFE Elevators is already a fast-growing brand that is recognized not only in China but also in major countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia in the ASEAN region, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan in South Asia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Bahrain and Iran in the Middle East, Nigeria, Congo and Rwanda in Africa, Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia in South America, and in Australia.

“The brand is experiencing continuous growth nowadays primarily because of its flexible designs that can ably suit the needs of clients or builders. Aside from that, the company provides excellent

technical support and after-sales service that is very much essential in the elevator business. This is one aspect that many big elevator companies often neglect.”

Aside from that, Francis Ondoy points out that as building needs get more expensive, many builders now look at options to effectively reduce costs but without compromising on quality and this is where IFE Elevators have a distinct advantage.

“IFE offers the market a truly competitive pricing scheme but other than that, we guarantee that clients get the same results in terms of quality and riding comfort that other major and more expensive elevator brands provide,” he adds.

IFE Elevators, he added, also assures clients of utmost quality. The brand is classified as a triple “A” elevator manufacturer in China, certified ISO-compliant (ISO9001:2008, ISO14001), and supported by a dynamic and innovative research and development team of engineers and technical personnel to help continuously improve and provide users with reliable and intelligent vertical transport solution designs.

“We are very much confident about the elevator technology that IFE elevators will provide to the local market since we’ve been specializing in elevator design and installation for more than 20 years already. We can proudly say that IFE elevators also possess the same level of accuracy, safety and quality that our more established counterparts have,” Francis Ondoy emphasized.

To know more about IFE Elevators and its products, visit http://www.ifelift.com or http://www.ife.cn.

IFE Elevators – One of the Largest Elevator brands in China now in the Philippines

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