The Great TUTUBAN MALL Back-To-School Challenge!

Last May 28 I was one of the Bloggers that was invited to be a participant in The Great TUTUBAN MALL Back-To-School Challenge!

About Tutuban:

When someone says Tutuban you might get a reply “ah yung Tutuban sa Divisoria yun”, this is because Tutuban is in Divisoria.  It’s one the biggest fully air-conditioned mall in the Divisoria area.  It’s divided into three inter-connected tenanted buildings: The Cluster Building on the left-wing, the Primeblock on the right and the Tutuban Center Mall.

The Tutuban Mall offers “The Pinoy Shopping Experience” to every bargain hunters. It’s the place of bustling trade where shoppers are splurging to different merchandise and novelty items from sun rise to midnight, 365 days a year. It offers wide variety of new merchandise and services while providing excellent customer convenience and best value for money experience.

You can Love and Hate Divisoria, why????

Well going there is a bit challenge, but accessible, you can reach it by numerous numbers of public transportation and not to mention if you are from south you can always try our very own PNR (Philippine National Railroad). As always if you are going to Divisoria make sure just bring what you need but leave your valuables like gadgets and jewelries.

Bargain prices is the main reason why people go here, and Tutuban offer that same experience but with comfort and security inside the mall, not only that it’s a one stop shopping center.

About the Challenge:

We we’re given P1000 to spend and shop inside Tutuban and get the most value for the given budget, with this challenge, the know how to make “tawad” is the key in getting the most out of your budget. You can get everything you need in Tutuban, from school supplies up to uniform and all other things.

First stop we visited was the area where we can buy shoes and uniforms and bags, take note that the place was pack with shoppers even if it was Monday

There we’re a lot of school bags to choose from, like backpacks, trolley bags, with different designs and function’s. For the prices well you can choose from as low as P350 you can get a new bags for your kids.

 You need not to worry shopping inside Tutuban because it’s full-air-conditioned and there are a lot of security personnel roaming around, but you still need to be aware of your belongings and make sure you transact only on those from stalls personnel.

Next stop: The school supplies in the Cluster Building. This is a place where all of the participant’s of the challenge saw each other because it’s the store where to get all the stuff from papers to pencils and other school supply needs.

That’s me with Ness of Say is Nessie

After an hour of searching the right supplies to buy I was able to fill this eco bag from Tutuban, ( I only own 1 bag, the other one is from Ness). The shopping inside papermart was a hassle free, these was someone who will assisted me on the things i  needed.

Now these shoppers are really looking for good stuff to buy for their important young ones, I’m sure they are not only looking for quality goods but also with good prices that they can ask for discounts on bulk buys.

After the challenge,  our guide from Tutuban Center treated us a merienda from Goldilocks.

So if you want value for your money why not visit Tutuban for all your shopping needs, and make sure you wear a comfortable shoes because you will definitely will do a lot if looking around inside Tutuban Center.

Many thanks to Richard Mamuyac of Mapanghingi Ka Ba and people from Tutuban Commercial Center., also from AMPR, for this experience.

The Great TUTUBAN MALL Back-To-School Challenge!

2 thoughts on “The Great TUTUBAN MALL Back-To-School Challenge!

  1. riza pe says:

    hi,i love ur blogs. i’m sure this is not the right place to put my comment. but, i’m looking for bagsakan ng class-a cosmetics and perfumes.may nakapagsabi na meron daw jan it true? pls, i need ur help for my biz. thanks dear. pls reply thru my mail. salamat talaga ha. ^^

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