2011 Tourist arrivals boom up to 4 million

The figure showed an increase of 11.28 percent from 2010’s figure set at 3.52 million and it also surpassed the initial target of 3.7 million for foreign arrivals, according to the Department of Tourism (DoT)


Some 3.9 million foreign tourists visited the country in the past year, breaking previous tourism records.

Most of the tourists arrived in November and December, with 337,021 and 394,567 arrivals, respectively. Majority or at least 46 percent of the visitors are from East Asian countries.

Korea had the strongest single market with a share of 925,204 arrivals, followed by Japan, 375,496 visitors; China, 243,137 visitors; and Taiwan, 181,738 visitors. Tourists from Singapore and Malaysia reached 331,672 visitors.

The United States accounted for 16 percent of all tourist traffic with a total of 624,527 visitors.

This is a good sign that tourism business in the country are really doing well despite that we have some shares of bad publicity that hinder other tourist to visit our beautiful country.


With the new campaign of Dot, we should expect a better number by next year.

Source: Yahoo News

2011 Tourist arrivals boom up to 4 million

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