Adventure to Santiago Isabela

It’s my first time to travel on the North part of the country which is in Santiago City Isabela. I did a research on what transportation to use, and found out that there are several Bus Company that offers such service. I choose Victory Liner because they this Deluxe Bus that also equipped with FREE Wi-FI for their passengers.

victory liner

I made my reservation and since it was friday the available deluxe bus was for the 9pm trip, the the fare cost Php650.00 including a 5 peso travel insurance which cover Php 25,000.00 worth of insurance. The bus was quite comfortable and its like a la-z-boy type of chair which you can recline. The WI-FI works most of the time during in the Metro area, after that I got connection form time to time when passed by a city or town. Since I don’t really sleep during travel specially by land, good thing I have my iPad 2 filled with a couple of movies and some good audio books to passed time. It took us around 8hours to arrived at Santiago City.

I stayed at The Hotel Amancio since it’s the only hotel I can find in the City, I stayed at their Standard Room which cost Php 998.00 the hotel have the basic amenities, the rate includes a FREE buffet breakfast and they also offer a buffet dinner for only Php150.00 with 5 dishes to choose from. The staff at the Front desk are helpful and very nice while I was there. 

The only way to go around the city is via trycle, there are a lot of them plying every street and corner so its not hard to get around. The local dialect use is Ilocano but I find most of the person I ask for direction and information used a mix of Tagalog and Ilocano in their dialect.


Some information about Santiago City

Santiago City is located in the southern part of the province of Isabela, along Maharlika Highway, between the municipalities of Cordon and Echague. It is about 79 kilometers south of Ilagan, the capital of Isabela, and 328 kilometers from Metro Manila. It is situated between 16deg35′N to 16deg47′30″ N and121deg25′E to 12 1deg37′E. It is surrounded by the municipalities of Cordon (west), Ramon (northwest), San Isidro (north), Echague (north), and by Quirino province (south). The topography of the city varies only slightly, 80% being nearly flat, 17% being moderately rolling, and 3% steeply undulating and rolling, towards the southern end of the city

Hotel Website: The Hotel Amancio

Victory Liner:



MANILA, Philippines — President Benigno S. Aquino III awards the city of Santiago in Isabela the Presidential Award for Most Child-Friendly City (Independent Component City Category) for its efforts to promote children’s health, welfare, protection and education.
The annual citation is given by the Office of the President through the Council for the Welfare of Children in recognition of Santiago’s efforts and contributions to put in place a child-friendly environment and to uphold the rights of children on survival, protection, development and participation.
Santiago also received the Seal of Good Housekeeping and the Gawad Pamana ng Lahi from the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) as well as the Gawad Kalasag for its best practices in Disaster Risk Management (DRM).



Adventure to Santiago Isabela

17 thoughts on “Adventure to Santiago Isabela

    1. I went there to work actually, but I was able to visit some old church which is located on top of the hill! we rented a tricycle to go there. From there you can see the view of the City at night…

  1. The only thing I love travelling by lang is riding with a very comfortable bus, watching films and listening to music, having a little sight seeing while the bus is running. Do you have any photos of your trip? 🙂

    1. You are right about that! You can have your own time while traveling by bus. I can’t get some pictures because the travel time was in the evening.

      1. Yes, you can get time to think of things which you cant do while at home or in the office. Its very relaxing in a way that you can see loads of things. Tnx for the share anyway. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah. I enjoyed their free WIFI. 7 hrs travel to Baguio is quite long pero dahil sa WIFI nila, nakakapaglaro ako ng online games sa iPad ko and nakakapagupdate ako ng mga nangyayari samin. Hehehe. Cool di ba?

  3. I’ve never been to Isabela???
    8 hour bus ride?? oh my!
    must be a pain in the bottoms.. harhar!
    I like long bus rides though especially if its going through scenic countryside!
    The farthest to the north I’ve been is Sagada Mountain province!
    Scenery is unforgettable!
    I hope to experience Isabela soon!
    Just by the name itself, is very charming!

    1. Your right abut that! It was a bit pain on that area, hehe, but since it was a night travel and the bus was a business class like, all I have to do is enjoy the ride and tried to get some shut eye.

  4. I had some colleagues who lived in Isabela and they say may mga magagandang puntahan dun. ^_^

    Please do share some pictures as well. ^_^

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