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NBA Store 1st floor

Last December 6, 2014 NBA Store officially opens its door to cater NBA fans, basketball aficionados will be happy to know that it will offer authentic NBA merchandise and accessories. Theres also the interactive zone where customers can learn more about NBA and its superstars Players.

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Philips HTL2163B

Have you always wanted to simulate the ultimate movie and music experience inside your home? Then it’s time you setup the Philips HTL2163B with Virtual Surround Sound—the ultimate TV companion that’s packed with features that deliver true-to-life sound.

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ETSI Officers (1)

Popularly known as “ETSI”, the Company is now completely taken over by Filipino investors as of Nov. 28, 2014. Being around for 33 years and still progressing, ETSI boasts one of the richest experience in and has continued in bolstering the growth and advancement of the local telecommunications industry. Its strength lies on competent Filipinos complemented by the proven technical expertise of former strategic partners such as Siemens (1982-2007) and Nokia (2007-2014).

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rvn ligon photography-4 copy

It is already a fact that we need water every day to keep our bodies healthy, functioning well and strong enough to withstand sickness. Yet we still go for drinks that quench our thirst and at the same time are flavorful and enjoyable to drink – juices and carbonated drinks are the usual suspects. They do taste good and give us some added nutrients; however, it is probable that some of them have chemicals that will not be as healthy as some minerals that are needed by the body.

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Imagine walking into the world’s most magnificent museums, where the wonders and history of the world come to life in “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.” That was the starting point for the Night at the Museum motion pictures, which have captivated audiences globally and grossed over one billion dollars. Now, its third instalment takes all of its beloved characters around the world for their greatest adventure yet.

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Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 9.52.52 PM

This Christmas, IHOP is putting its stamp on popular Filipino holiday classics with its special limited edition offers. “Holidays are a big part of our campaigns,” said Archie Rodriquez, President and CEO of Global Restaurant Concepts Inc., which owns and operates IHOP in the Philippines. He added: “We are proud to celebrate this joyous season with our diners with a Filipino touch.”

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CEO Glenn Hocson Brother Photo copy

Glenn Hocson was recently appointed as the first Filipino President of Brother International Philippines Corporation (Brother Philippines), a premier provider of printing, imaging and multi-function centers for offices and homes. He graduated with a degree in aeronautical engineering from PATTS College of Aeronautics 20 years ago and placed eighth in the aeronautical engineer licensure examination.

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